• Black mangalagiri Pattu saree

Black mangalagiri Pattu saree

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Saree Description

Enrich Yourself with traditional artistic and sophisticated with the uniqueness endures in the variation of design and coloring onto warp, with mangalagiri Pattu Saree which are weft threads first and then weaves them together. The material is cotton, silk, and Sico - a mix of silk and cotton. The colors themselves are from essential sources and their blends. This saree has traditional looms, whose design is more than a century old.


Work Details -

Mangalagiri Pattu designs are unique and diverse from Ikat in many ways. The involved designs that are to be featured on the saree are dyed onto the warp and weft threads of the saree, after which the saree is woven. This unique way of dye printing cloth is what makes the Pattu sarees stand out and achieve admiration among many women who prefer traditional Saree. The saree itself is made of a material known as Sico which is a peerless blend of silk and cotton, used precisely in making this saree.

Product Type - mangalagiri Pattu saree 

Material-   Silk, Cotton

Occasion - Traditional Functions, Marriage, Puja Party and Other Special Occasions     

Special Instruction-

·        Always dry clean for the first wash. For subsequent washes, if dry cleaning is not possible, gently hand wash in cold water with soapsuds or silk-suitable detergent or baby shampoo.

·        Always air dry the saree in shade. Never wring the sari or use it in the washing machine or dryer. Never rub the sari vigorously.

·        Do not store silk without dry cleaning

·        Expose the silk fabrics periodically to the natural atmosphere

·        Use silica gel sachet or moisture absorbents in your cupboard which you use for storing silk fabrics

·        Iron in medium heat only




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