Our Story

Roots Of Classystreet

Indian ethnic & handloom wear has always stood out as the best original outfit for the modern generation of people. The rich & diverse Indian culture & traditions are reflected through this Indian ethnic & handloom collection. The elegant Indian women wear this mesmerizing attire and give her the most aesthetic look.

From east to west & north to south India, these Indian ethnic & handloom wear collections have a diversified range of collections laced with beautiful artistry. Master craftsmen, talented designers & weavers have put their soul and life into this work, and they have been creating majestic pieces of attire and crafts to hook our generation into spellbound magic.

These traditional ethnic wedding wear and handloom wear enhance the beauty & elegance. These colorful textiles, breathtaking crafts and the untold stories of these master creations have always been behind the scene. Classystreet attempts are to bring these unsung heroes to the real world limelight so that the world not only praises their work but in reality these people get a better life also.

Authenticity Is Our Holy Grail

We make the little things better. We at classystreet have a simple mission to preserve the sanctity of our old deep-rooted tradition and everything related to it.

We are diehard fans of traditional handloom wear, handicrafts items of India, not only we are curetting the best of these items from the best sources across India but also we are working with highly talented weavers, craftsmen & talented fashion designers to bring a qualitative change in their work which can hook up the modern generation of people with new style & trends.

Classystreet has curetted the best of Indian ethnic & handloom wear from all over India. With an ever-curious team while traveling to the hooks & corners of our myriad land, It has curetted only the best and most unique collections of apparel & crafts items.

The company journey will go on to find & unearth those maestros whose story has not seen the day of light. Classystreet has also curetted the best contemporary ethnic & handloom wear. The company journey is to integrate the artists & the lover of arts in a common platform through which celebration of a glorious tradition & beautiful looks, both can be combined.

Our Mission

True serenity will prevail over chaos if the true worshipper is worshipped and the magic they unleash through the loom get a real reward. At Classystreet, the company has the mission to bring all the beautiful traditional fascinating piece of artistry from the master weavers, designers & craftsmen into its platform and showcase their work to the lovers of this traditional form of Indian ethnic & handloom wear.

ClassyStreet believes a single ray of sun can illuminate multiple lives. In the journey, Classystreet has a mission to bring this unique mastery of work in front of the vast admirer of Indian ethnicity. The company believes showcasing the work of these artists with a brush which is tender & magnanimous. Sharing untold stories and bringing the storyteller to the limelight with respect is the demand of the time.

Let’s savor this beautiful journey together to immerse ourselves with the beauty of India. You can shop for ethnic sarees, wedding sarees, Sambalpuri sarees, spiritual items, gift items, handbags, crafts, arts, home decor and many more to come…..


Our Approach

Our approach is to find the best possible co-operative societies and self-help groups from where we can source best in quality handmade and handcrafted products for our customers. We spend traveling around the hooks and corners of our myriad land to find the best creative destinations who are engaged in satisfying their creative pursuit by designing beautiful handmade items for the sanctity of keeping our age-old tradition alive. We visit all these places and create a lasting bond with the owners and the artisans.

Pricing Transparency

Our belief system is that our paying customers should have a right to know how much their product cost to make. We have created a cost structure which is genuine and without adding those extravagances into the pocket of the customer —from sourcing the products from the best societies and self-help groups to our overhead expenses to transportation—the goal is to provide a cost-effective and affordable pricing structure to provide benefits for the entire people in the ecosystem.