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Cutwork Sarees

Cutwork Sarees


    The cutwork saree is a needlework technique in which fragments of a textile, usually cotton and linen fabric are cut away shattered and the resulting holes are stitched with the embroidery and needle netting. The fastener pattern is one of the most appreciable cutwork in modern fashion. Hand cutwork is the most traditional form cutwork of wardrobe. Here the fabric is cut away by it’s adorn textile and stitched to stop the raw edges. Laser technique is the most effortless technique which is used to seal the edge by melting it with its heat. Cutwork is integrating into the design and decorates of some ruffs. In a fashion sense, cutwork design is also challenging in today’s generation and this cutwork has wandered and used in countries around the world. Cutwork saree is satisfactory for any occasion and party. These cutwork vestments are awesome and give a fabulous look to every girl and woman.


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