An Innovative Approach to bring the rare talents into lime light

“Everyone has talent, what’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” Taking this thought in the right direction, Classystreet.com offers an innovative program “The Talent Showcase” in its digital platform where all the budding and talented designers, artists & craftsmen can showcase their mastery work piece.

  • Classystreet.com can be the stepping stone for your talent. Any talented creative individual can showcase his extraordinary piece of work with us.

  • Classystreet.com offers a unique portfolio program for talented designers & artisans; we will create a beautiful portfolio along with your projects/Works.

  • We will help you to sell your unique creative items to reap financial benefits

Who can Apply?





Benefits with Classystreet

  • We will build your portfolios

    We will build beautiful portfolios about your profile to generate large eyeballs

  • We will help you to reach your audience

    With our innovative marketing campaigns & collaborations we will help you to reach your audience

  • We will help you to build your network

    With our extensive networking we will help you to connect with like minded community.

  • We will provide best of incentives for each of your sale

    We will give attractive incentives to you for each of your sell, Which will encourage you to stay focused in your creativity.

  • We will guide you to bring out the best in you.

    Our team of Experts will mentor you to make you one step ahead

  • We will provide the wider digital footprint.

    With our Extensive Online reach,we will help you to increase your digital reach/p>

Talents Speak Up

"Thank you Classystreet for creating my profile & portfolios and showcasing my products which can reach large audience and give me the perfect break which i am look forward to.


Fashion Designer

How it Works?

  • Register Yourself Online

  • Screening by Experts

  • Profile Showcase


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