Unlocking Digital opportunities for youth and women working in self-help groups across Odisha means 7 million reasons to be hopeful about tomorrow.

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Jijivisha is a ground-breaking transformational women's livelihood empowerment program to support the creation of inclusive enterprises for a developed community. Classystreet will support this endeavor for the holistic integrated empowerment of various women and youths working in various self-help groups across Odisha for improving their livelihood opportunities through enhanced e-commerce competency and forward market linkage assistance.

Our vision:

We Aim to Create 100 self-sustainable Self-help groups in Odisha by 2024.

‘JIJIVISHA’ is a program in mission mode aimed at strengthening interventions for women's livelihood and empowerment. It seeks to realize our commitment to “women-led development” by addressing livelihood issues affecting women working in various self-help groups across Odisha for a sustained livelihood and by making them equal partners in nation-building through convergence and citizen ownership.

It seeks to focus on proposing strategies for improving E-Market linkage across various national and international markets and at different levels of governance. It also seeks to promote greater participation and support of developing Digital competency along with support for improved market linkage.

Our Objective:

Creating Inclusive Enterprises for Empowered Communities

The objective of the “JIJIVISHA” program is to provide sustainable improved digital competency and improve E-Market support to connect global buyers for women and youths working in various self-help groups across Odisha. Our target group includes socially and economically marginalized, and vulnerable groups, in need of financial empowerment and improved livelihood opportunity creation, with short-term and long-term holistic development and empowerment programs.

The Problem:

“80% of Indian rural women are lacking Digital competency”


  • Lack of Access
  • Lack of Awareness
  • Lack of Adoption

Micro-entrepreneurs working in various Self-help groups across Odisha are facing an urgent challenge.

7 million youth and women working in various SHGs across Odisha are standing at the door of numerous digital opportunities. The irony of the matter is despite various interventions by the government the practical implementation of using technology to support and enhance livelihood is missing from the scenario. Many of the women and youth working in the self-help groups don't have the proper idea about how to improve their digital competency and implement that knowledge into practice.

“Every solution to every problem is simple. It's the distance between the two where the mystery lies.”

Due to a lack of practical and evidence-based training programs, and the absence of proper guidance and mentoring from real-time eCommerce entrepreneurs, targeted groups of people are not able to leverage the power of digital technology, which can help them to become a part of the ever-growing digital economy. More than a million people are missing out on this opportunity to become a part of the Digital economy.

Various practical problems faced by these microentrepreneurs working across various SHGs in Odisha are as follows.

  • No local vernacular Odia content as a training curriculum for getting updated about the latest eCommerce and digital promotion trends.
  • Over-dependence on foreign holding eCommerce firms like Amazon and Flipkart for each and every digital empowerment initiative without understanding the future imperatives of these steps.
  • The eCommerce training and development ecosystem is not able to utilize the expertise of local e-commerce entrepreneurs for enhancing the skillsets and digital competency of targeted segments of learners.
  • Trainers coming from outside Odisha are not aware of the local ecosystem and mindset, hence most of the programs end up as just as delivering nothing in terms of practical useability for the targeted segment.
  • The existing training curriculum is outdated with too much emphasis on theoretical knowledge without real-time project-based learning sessions.
  • A community ecosystem is missing which allows the participation of various stakeholders in the society for a common cause that can able to share and build together a winning community.

The Problem Summary:

  • Lack of practical measures to understand the real needs of the target segments.
  • No opportunity for practical knowledge sharing from existing expert local entrepreneurs.
  • No collaboration with existing start-ups in the local area.
  • Lack of Sustainable solution with proper follow-up mechanism to measure the progress.
  • The bottom-to-top approach is missing.

The Solution:

As India’s first eCommerce knowledge acceleration provider for micro-entrepreneurs, we are creating a holistic and integrated ecosystem built on the foundation of inclusivity to bring together the best of the opportunities for various women and youth working in various SHGs across Odisha. Jijivisha is an initiative that will not only create tangible values for the micro-entrepreneurs and different SHGs but also help in building a more prosperous and developed Odisha.

Our singular priority for every youth and woman micro-entrepreneurs in Odisha is to Develop their eCommerce Competency and create a sustainable market to enhance their existing livelihood. Our goal is to build 100 successful self-help groups across Odisha by 2024 and make them an important part of the ever-growing digital economy in India.

Our Unique Methodology: Inclusive Methodology:

  • Community: Providing Equitable access to digital connectivity across communities.
  • Connectivity: Creating livelihood opportunities through various scalable market linkage assistance.
  • Practical Learning Paedology: Improving eCommerce competencies through evidence-based project-driven upskilling programs.
  • E-Market linkage: Improving livelihood opportunities with emphasized focus on suitable national and international market linkages support.
  • Social Impact: Supporting women and youths to become co-creators of solutions and change makers.

Case Study:

Classystreet is working with a Self-help group “Navjeevan Society” comprising more than 250 self-employed women who are mostly tribal and this self-help group is sponsored by “TATA Steel”.We have been working with this self-help group to create a new niche for tribal heritage textile, arts, and crafts items created by this self-help.

We have been actively involved with this group to upskill them and simultaneously we have been creating a new framework for Tribal heritage products made by them to connect with global buyers.

Program Highlights:

  • Creating innovative product designs as per the latest requirements of the market.
  • Improving basic financial literacy among these artists to liberate them from financial woes.
  • Increasing awareness about basic digital skills to promote their products in the digital medium.
  • Creating collaboration and knowledge-sharing spirit in them by working them together with our finest pool of talents from creative institutes like NIFT, KIIT fashion, and BK Arts College.
  • Sharing frugal innovations about creating a conscious brand identity for their products in the heritage products category.
  • Making them aware of the various government schemes.
  • Organizing Buyers and sellers meet.
  • Providing knowledge about creating eCommerce product catalogs.
  • Providing handholding to use various social media tools to promote their products.
  • Organizing Knowledge sharing sessions with existing eCommerce entrepreneurs and mentors

The Impact:

Livelihood generation: 20% More tribal women are inducted into the formal economy by working as textile and crafts designers in the workforce to financially empower themselves and get a better livelihood.

Income enhancement: There was an increase in their income by 30-40% for the group after improvement in sales using various digital mediums.

Innovation in Design: After intervention and inputs they started to create a new range of products which was well appreciated in the market and increased the sales by up to 30% and hence their approach towards the work changed.

Social respect: Their family members started to see them with a different perspective as they became contributors to the financial side of their family.

Entrepreneurship culture development - Around 10% of the workforce started their own ventures as they can foresee the kind of opportunities that exists in the market for such kind of products

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

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