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Dongria Silk Sarees

Dongria Silk Sarees


Dongria Saree made out of rare textile-like coarse organic cotton. This saree weave by dongria kandh of Rayagada District and Kalahandi district in Odisha. The Dongria Kondh is Indigenous Peoples who inhabit the plateaus of the Niyamgiri hill ranges in Odisha, India. They have magical weaving skills primarily based on geographical weave patterns developed by using an embroidery technique. The primary colour of yarn used is green, yellow and red with the deep symbolic colour value. It was translated in such a way that it appears like an embroidered kapdagonda in similar colours and exact pattern,  takes around 4-5 days minimum to 8 days to produce a single Saree. This Dongria Saree gives protection from cold.


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