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April 21, 2017

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”-Henry Ward Beecher

I totally respect the above lines by Mr. Henry. I am an artist and I know the value and the hard work which the artist has given to its creation. Unless and until the artist himself doesn’t realize his inner potential, he cannot be able to portray it on the canvas.

Myself Tulu and I am an artist. I do paint pattachitra, Tribal art. I have a team which also does the painting on the Sarees, Suit Pieces, Dresses and Bags etc which make them trendy and fashionable. But in due course, I somehow find it difficult to do the marketing and selling of these items. In this fast pace world, I want to promote and market my products in the national and international market. So I needed a platform where I can showcase my products to a large audience in less time.

That’s the time I came to know about Classystreet. What interests me about them is the way they market the products through various marketing channels. Though I have an idea of Ecommerce Market, I had a very little idea about the industry. They taught me about all the ways by which I can grow my contacts and network base.

Now Classystreet is my proud partner for all my products whether it’s Tribal art or Pattachitras or any suit pieces. Please find below few of my works:

My Works

Brown Pattachitra Silk Suit Piece


Cream Pattachitra Silk Suit Piece


Grey Pattachitra Silk Suit Piece


Purple Pattachitra Silk Suit Piece