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Suraj Kumar Sahu

March 29, 2017

“Sculpture is the art of the intelligence.” – Pablo Picasso

As rightly said by Picasso, sculpture might be the oldest of the arts, but I chose this art as this is my passion area since my childhood and on my second phase of life, I chose my passion to make is as my profession. I know these days the people are more prone towards fashion and trends, but I took this as a challenge to overcome all such challenges to a mark for myself and my art.

working on the fulfilling my dream. Because I believe you can achieve your dream once you are determined towards your goal. Through my paintings and strong will power, I want to create an ocean of opportunities where the artists like me would get the correct platform to show their work in front of the mass.

Profession: Sculpture Student
Hobbies: Music, Dancing, Chatting with Friends

My Works