Pattachitra Paintings

Pattachitra Paintings

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The Pattachitra paintings have been a key attraction of our culture and knowledge for their very fine detailing. They delightfully replicate the conventional elements as well as the aroma of folklore. This form of fine art makes use of all natural mediums possible. Regular stuff from our environments is used to carve out the paintings. Not many people know this, but merely natural colours derived from the earth, vegetables, and stones are made use of. On a chitrakar’s pellet, only yellow, red, black and white are the 4 key colours. The red border is one of the most discernible features of these paintings. Chitrakars use natural brushes that are made from the fur of domestic animals. The furs are tied at the end of a small-sized bamboo stick to producing the results for which Pattachitra paintings are known for.


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