Take a look at some of the most iconic handloom sarees originated from odisha

Posted on December 16th, 2019 10:31 AM
Take a look at some of the most iconic handloom sarees originated from odisha

India is a country rich with culture and tradition, every part of India is flourished with its unique art and culture. Handicraft and hand made material are always appreciated by people all over India. In Odisha there are various types of handloom produced and handlooms are named by their originated place. Traditional handloom sarees are two types that cotton and silk. The Odisha handloom products are one of the most popular traditional handlooms in all over India and abroad. The traditional handloom saree looks very classy and graceful or comfortable to wear. The names of traditional handloom sarees are sambalpuri, bomkai saree, khandua saree, dongria saree, saura saree, pattachitra saree, pasappali saree, kotpad saree, habaspuri saree etc. these saree are can be seen being utilized by odissi artist and these are displayed at various fashion shows. The Bollywood actress Aishwarya rai Bachchan wore a kind of Odisha handloom saree during her wedding. These traditional sarees are achieved in the universal market.

Sambalpuri sarees are the traditional hand-woven saree originally produced in the western part of Odisha, India. Its name comes from the western city sambalpur, famous for this handloom product. It appears in both cotton and silk fabric and mercerization fabric also available. The threads are first tie-dyed by natural organic colors and then weaved by mostly wooden machine. Sambalpuri sarees are famous and appreciated for their unique designs and color. Designs are inspired by traditional motifs like a shell, wheel, flower, creep, temple, and tree, leaves, etc. A variety of sambalpuri saree are sonepuri, ikkat, pasapalli, etc. mostly named after their place of origin. Classystreet makes an effort of available all these traditional sambalpuri saree for all shoppers.

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Sambalpuri Silk Sarees

Sambalpuri Silk Bandha Saree

Sambaluri Tribal Silk Saree

Black & Pink Tribal Design Sambalpuri Silk Saree

Bomkai saree is a traditional handloom product originated in bomkai village of ganjam district, Odisha. bomkai saree comes in silk and cotton variety. The charming part of bomkai saree is its print or the design over the body by thread work, mostly along the Border or pallu. These sarees are lengthy and available in various colors and designs. It has come in the spotlight during the wedding of Aishwarya rai and Abhishek Bachchan. A bomkai saree is generally worn by kathak dancers around the world. Bomkai from ganjam, these are also known as sonepuri silk saree. This traditional hand-woven product is very popular for its simplicity and decency.

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Bomkai Silk Sarees

Black Bomkai Silk Saree

Orange Bomkai Silk Saree

Lemon Yellow Bomkai Silk Sarees
Kandua saree is a fashionable traditional attire of Odisha, India. these sarees manufactured in nuapatna Cuttack district, this saree dedicated to lord jagannath. That’s why called the pride of odisha.khandua is traditionally red and orange in color and also available in few colors like red, yellow, maroon, and cream. The most elegant part of saree is its border and anchal. This saree can be seen as being utilized by the entire odishi artist. It is known in India is the most fascinating piece of the saree and makes a lady look magnificent and facile.

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Khandua Silk Sarees
Orange Khandua Silk Saree

Lemon Green Khandua Silk Saree

Blue Khandua Silk Saree

Dongria saree is a hand-woven by a tribe called ‘dongria kandh’ of kalahandi and rayagada district of Odisha. These fabrics are mostly cotton and the prints on the fabric are temple and mountain structures on border and pallu. These sarees are natural color dyed and hand-woven, quite comfortable to wear at the office and auspicious occasions.     

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Dongria Silk Sarees

Red Dongria Saree

Yellow Dongria Saree

Marron Dongria Saree
Kotpad saree is an organic dyed fabric woven by the tribal weaver of the ‘mirgan’ community of Kotpad village in koraput district Odisha, India. This is a beautiful tribal fabric of Odisha. The specialty of these sarees is its natural color, using organic dye is most important for this textile and it takes approximately 30 days for dyeing thread into different colors. The main colors extracted are black and maroon.  The prints used on the fabric are conch, boat, crab, bow, fish, temple, which reflect the culture of the area. This fabric has its own set of uniqueness which has attracted global attention.

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Kotpad Handloom Sarees

Kotpad Organic Dyed White Saree

White Kotpad Organic Saree

Kotpad Organic Dyed Cream Saree

Pasappali saree is a variety of sambalpuri handloom saree weaved in the Bargarh district of Odisha, India. The name pasappali derived from pasa (gambling chessboard). This handloom design is one of the famous designs of sambalpuri saree. the saree specialty is, it has chessboard like prints in the entire body with characteristic white and black or red squares. These sarees come in two variety silk and cotton. The excellence of this weaving art called  ‘bandhakala’. This is a very intricate method so it is unique in itself. The weavers weave the saree in indifferent patterns, colors, and multiple designs. The anchal of pasappali saree has peculiar traditional designs and colors.  

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Pasapalli Saree

Yellow & Maroon Bomkai Patli Silk Saree

White Bomkai Silk Saree

Rust Color Bomkai Saree
Patachitra sarees is one of the traditional ancient artwork of Odisha, India. patachitra sarees are found on two fabrics mostly cotton and silk. Paintings of Hindu mythology and lifestyle of god and goddess are printed on the fabric called patachitra saree with natural organic colors. Natural colors give a unique and fabulous look to the sarees. The name pattachitra word evolved from the Sanskrit language, the word patta, meaning canvas, and chitra meaning picture.

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Pattachitra Design Sarees

Black Kandrapa Hasthi Pattachitra Silk Saree

Raasleela Pattachitra Handpainted Silk Saree

Purple Kandarpa Pattachitra Silk Saree
Saura painting saree is from the soura tribes of Odisha, India. Saura painting has a striking visual semblance to warli art and uses clear geometric frames. These sarees are known for their unique art print on the fabric. These paintings give an exclusive look and make the saree different from others.

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Soura Painting Sarees

Tusar Saree With Soura Painting

Blue Color Silk Saree With Soura Painting

Cream Tussar Silk Soura Painting Saree
Habaspuri saree is a major product of traditional textiles. These sarees produced by the kondh weavers of kalahandi district, Odisha. These are mostly available only in cotton fabric. These textile designs are the traditional patterns of the kondh region like kumbh (temple) fish and flower. The habaspuri products produced by the individual weavers and groups are marketed and sold by the handlooms. Around 30 weaver’s families in the village have working on reviving the habaspuri.   

Dolabedi saree is a theme saree of ‘bedi’ means mandap and ‘dola’ means dola Utsav. Gopalpur in Odisha is known for dolabedi saree. The saree is a representation of those chariots of dola purnima. It represents the blessings of lord jagannath. There are multicolored butas in the body of saree and the pallu is very colorful. These sarees are one of the most exquisite traditional saree from Odisha.

The brahmapuri saree made from resham silk yarn. Brahmapur is also known as silk city of India, for this famous silk work of traditional sarees. Bramhapuri saree is called brahmapuri pata saree.
The saree also beautifies the deities of jagannath, balabhadra and subhadra at jagannath temple puri. This saree is unique for its weaving design like kumbha, temple type design, etc. the zari work design on the border is different from other handloom sarees. The weaving technique is originated over 200 years ago.        

Handloom fabrics are the traditional textile art of India, completion of a single handloom saree takes two to four days of rigorous work. Several regions have their own traditional saree. To realize the hard work of weavers, classystreet dedicated to spreading these types of handloom clothes all over India and abroad. ClassyStreet provides the infrequent original handloom product at an affordable price. We have a luxurious collection of the variety of handloom sarees, dupatta, or dresses. Visit us and make you all occasion glorious.  


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