1. Re-inventing & Moving the Goal posts

Classystreet champions conscious consumerism and aims to change the way we think about the handloom & handicraft industry, particularly Tribal products. We are focussing on high-quality, hand-crafted goods that are ethically produced (think: organic), locally sourced, environmentally conscious and made in India but distributed all over the world… In Our eyes, less is more.

Lesson: Storytelling — and the goods’ path to consumers — matters, and people will pay a premium for it.

We have 2 mottos

1-Reinventing the world of Tribal handmade items, by taking it online, then back offline

2-Curation of sustainable apparel &handmade crafts with an emphasis on the items’ back story and beautiful design

Classystreet acts as an interface between the Talented Designers, The Artisan community and Genuine Buyers with a well structured eco-system to enhance Livelihood, Financial Empowerment and Talent Nurturing along with promotion of traditional handloom and handicraft sector through its multichannel marketing platform.

With a smooth flow of knowledge, business skills and Contemporary Design Skill among:

A) Artisan Community, Getting knowledge about latest and contemporary design patterns, latest merchandising skills by working with the team of talented designers & able to create new contemporary designs ,Acquiring latest business and financial, marketing skills by learning with “classystreet” developed “Utkrisht” on the go skill development program built upon ICT, Social media platform. And able to attract more limelight & opportunities by showcasing his profile, portfolio & products with rich narratives in “Talent showcase” platform.

This interface plays a pivotal role in skill up gradation, capacity building and disseminating the technological interventions for reducing the drudgery to artisan community for better productivity, thereby improving earning of the artisan community.

2) Our Innovations for Sustainable Development

a) Lack of Awareness about latest Trends & Technology: There is a lack of awareness about basic 21st century business skills among the artisan community; we are creating short, interactive, contemporary basic Business & financial skills based curriculum designed through animated videos and handbooks with all the inputs about latest govt. Initiatives & our own developed interactive based marketing tools for artisans marketing success.

b) Monotonous & theoretical Skill development programs: Earlier all these artisans have to attend the government skill development programmes while traveling to separate locations and attending long, monotonous sessions with more of theoretical knowledge. To make learning more interactive we are providing the “How to…” based business & financial skill development multimedia clips shared to their mobiles or social media accounts.

c) No holistic based unified Platform with narratives about Artisans: To address this issue, we are providing a unique platform to few selected innovation driven artisans to showcase their profiles, portfolios & products in our “Talent Showcase” section, we give a trendy touch of personal branding to each of these artisans to give them unique identity..

d) Non Standardised Merchandising &Packaging of Tribal Products: We do believe that proper merchandising, branding & packaging with proper product quality benchmarking will definitely create better market & revenue for them. To address this issue we are working with few of the talented designers from top institutes to create unique packaging, merchandising for the overall packaging & branding for their products.

3) Present Scenario & The Solutions We Offer

a) Product packaging & merchandising. No single agency ever taught the artisan community about the importance of high quality product packaging, hence from down the ages the same old fashioned corrugated box based packaging sourced from 3rd parties going on. Without modern innovation, trends driven packaging the beautiful handmade crafts exact value & price can never be earned.

b) Product Quality &brand Innovation: Since for ages a stereotype has been developed that artisans only follow the century’s old traditions in their creativity, Due to lack of initiatives from govt agencies the artisan communities are struggling to bring maximum productivity or innovation in their work and its turning out to be one of the major challenges to attract new segment of customers.

c) Skill development programs: The Govt.is running different types of skill development programs for the artisan community without involving technology, without creating interactive content ,without developing basic business & finance skills for a long time.

d) International Promotion of tribal crafts: Tribal co-operative marketing Development Federation of India Ltd.do sell some of the tribal handicraft that it buys from artisans and sell them at its 36 ‘Tribes India ‘ outlets in the country and 2 overseas markets which can provide marketing support to the artisans. The need of the hour is to allocate the job of marketing, branding of tribal crafts in international markets to more start-ups who are working with passion so that the unique handmade tribal crafts can reach 200 countries (currently its only 2).