Wedding Doli Pattachira Work Bottle

SKU: AB-07
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- Estimated Handling Time: 15 days

Product Description: This stunning piece of pattachitra artwork done on this glass bottle depicting the sceneries of Hindu traditional wedding doli concepts. The bottles are also designed with flower, bird, tree, Hindu mythological & traditional concepts and more beautiful motifs on it. Bring these beautiful artistic bottles to give an aesthetic modern look by using it as your home decor items.

Work Details: The word Patachitra is derived from the Sanskrit word “pata”, which means a painted piece of cloth, a bottle or a plate; “chitra” means painting or picture. Painting done on the Glass Bottle is absolutely breathtaking. Images translate the tribal, mythology, rituals & nature. The fine delicate skills used by the artist make this a great piece to add to your artistic collection.

  • Product Name: Hand Painted bottles 
  • Material: Glass bottle 
  • Work: Hand Painted 
  • Height: 28 cm        


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