Black Applique Chandua

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Product Description: The handmade Appliqu chandua is a representation of the beautiful craft of appliqué and patchwork of Orissa. This craft has peacock & flower designs are stitched on a black base. This Simple and authentic patchwork of pipili depicting flower on a soft and colored material.

Work Detail: Applique collection is one of the popular art & craft of Pipili, Odisha. The Craft involves embroidering and stitching of mythological figures like peacock, duck, parrot, trees, elephant, jasmine, lotus, sun, moon etc. The craftsman first prepares the base material in the shape of the square, rectangle, and circle or oval which forms the background for the pieces of art then for attaching the pieces of cloth craftsmen use straight stitch, satin stitch, blind stitch, or buttonhole stitch. Sometimes they also make mirror work and many decorative stitches on a soft & colored material.

  • Product Type: Applique Chandua
  • Colour: Black
  • Work: Applique And Patch Work

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