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Khandua Patta Saree

Khanduaa Patta saree is truly the greatest thing in the history of clothing and for that reason maybe it is called as the pride of Odisha, the state that is the largest producer of this saree. So what to expect from this saree: poise, elegance, beauty and the charm that no other kind of clothing can give. Khandua patta is one of its kind and it is unmatched with any other fabrics out there to get your hands on. Why? The answer is the material is being used to weave it and the ample amount of time it takes to get completed. The fact is not unknown that is the most popular variety of silk saree and its creation dates back to 12th century in the in one of the most holiest place on the earthm, that is Jagannnath Dham, Puri. So with the kind of history it Khanduaa saree carries is splendid and it is said the Deities in the Jagannath Temple wear these Sarees, which make them truly sacred.