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Stone Made Crafts

From ancient times, India has been a land of arts and crafts. Various art forms have evolved in metallic and non-metallic materials here. Stone work is also one of such wonderful crafts. India has a rich tradition of stonecraft. Guilds of masons and stone carvers have existed here since the 7th century B.C. Different types of stones like, marble, soapstone, sand stone are used by craftsmen in India. Stone craft in India is not only restricted to ornate carvings on temples or sculptures of deities, but it is also used in making items like carved panels, tiles, paper weights, pen stands, models of historical buildings, sculptures of animals and humans etc. The basic design is traced on the stone and it is given a crude shape. The final carving is then carried out and the items are polished.

In interiors of India stone craft is practiced through exquisite figures that are carved in relief with details engraved in fine lines. These objects are handmade artistic work made using hammer and chisels. In ancient times, stone carving was used for making small weapons like arrowheads, javelin points, hammer etc. Excavations reveal carving of stone figures 3000 year old.

Stone craft in India is made by using hammer and chisels. Sculptures of deities, decorative for house interiors, modelled on classical prototypes, continue to be made in nook and corner of India.

With stones available to us everywhere, it seems silly to not use them in crafts! Stones are a wonderfully tactile and abundant craft material. Rock crafts are something so easy to set yourself up to do – basically ‘cos rocks, stones and pebbles are everywhere – and most times they are free.

Major Producers of Stone Crafts are Rajasthan, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Mahabalipuram of South India. The crafts person while working on the sajjar pathar first studies the natural design. The shaping is done thereafter very carefully with chisel and hammers. Water is sprinkled repeatedly to avoid heat generation. The stone is smoothened by rubbing with sand papers or file.

 So we bring beautiful stone made crafts for you which are designed by the skilled Craftsmen of India.

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