Changing the landscape of Entrepreneurship by empowering creative talents with Cutting edge Skills for 21 st Century.

What is this program all about?

This is a unique on the go classroom skill development program to enhance 21 st century entrepreneurship skills among Young artisans,fashion designers, crafts & accessories designers to empower them to build their own successful venture

Important Outcomes of the Programme

Improved Product QualityCustomer Indexing
Product InnovationsSkill Enhancement


Classystreet is working with a Self-help group “Navjeevan society” comprising of more than 150 self-employed women who are mostly tribal and this self-help group is sponsored by  “TATA Steel”.We have been working with this self-help group to create a new niche for tribal heritage textile, arts and crafts items created by these people. We have conducted several sessions of our path-breaking 21st-century entrepreneurship skill development program “Utkrisht”.With this program, we have been creating a new framework for Tribal heritage products by not only educating them but working in tandem with them.

The main highlights of the program "Utkrisht" are as follows:- 

1-To bring innovations to their product designs according to the latest requirements of the market.

2- To increase basic financial literacy among these artists to liberate them from financial woes.

3- To increase awareness about basic digital skills to promote their products in the digital medium.

4- To create collaboration and knowledge sharing spirit in them by working them together with our finest pool of talents from creative institutes like NIFT, KIIT fashion, BK Arts College.

5- To create a conscious brand identity for their products in the heritage products category.

We could find few grey areas like they are not fully aware of so many schemes run by government & most of the time they are working very hard without understanding the target audience for whom they are creating these beautiful products. We felt they are so much engrossed in creating these beautiful products that, they have scant time for learning the newer trends & market their products. 

Impact of the program
Livelihood generation
-More tribal women inducted into the formal economy by working as textile and crafts designer in the workforce to financially empower themselves and get a better livelihood.
Increase in income- There was an increase in their income by 30-40% for the group after sales increases as they started creating a new range of textile products which suits the new generation.
Innovation in Design- After intervention and inputs they started to create a new range of products which was well appreciated in the market and increased the sales by up to 30% and hence their approach towards the work changed.
Social respect-There family members started to see them with a different perspective as they became the contributor to the financial side of their family.
Entrepreneurship culture development - Around 10% of the workforce started their own ventures as they can foresee the kind of opportunities exists in the market for such kind of products

Analysis & Solutions


A- Basic financial skill and information like all the government initiated schemes which artisans are unaware of.

B- Lack of understanding about current market dynamics and new buying habits of customers.

C- Lack of use of digital mediums for marketing and promotions.


A- Our team explained all the current government initiated schemes and how to avail of their benefits.

B- With our interactive videos, we explained to them how to stay updated with present customers’ demands and the requisite steps to fulfil them.

C- Our team has initiated to educate them on the various digital tools available to reach the valuable market. 

 We believe a single ray of sunlight can illuminate multiple lives and the journey will continue...


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