Changing the landscape of Entrepreneurship by empowering creative talents with Cutting edge Skills for 21 st Century.

What this program is all about?

This is a unique on the go classroom skill development program to enhance 21 st century entrepreneurship skills among Young artisans, fashion designers, crafts & accessories designers to empower them to built their own successful venture.

Important Outcomes of the Programme

  • Improved product quality

  • Customer indexing

  • Product innovations

  • Skill Enhancement


Our team had recently visited Pipili in puri district of odisha and conducted the UTKRISHT program with the craftsmen and artisans of that area who have been creating scintillating appliqué works for hundred years now. Our team interacted with them about their work, their work culture & the uniqueness about their creations. It was not very encouraging when we were told by them that how it has become very difficult to pursue and create a livelihood from this art form.

We could find few grey areas like they are not fully aware about so many schemes run by government & we felt they are so much engrossed in creating these beautiful products that, they have scant time for learning the newer trends & market their products. We felt if these 3 small things can be implemented with these artisans

Analysis & Solutions


A- Basic financial skill and information like all the government initiated schemes which artisans are unaware of.

B- Lack of understanding about current market dynamics and new buying habits of customers.

C- Lack of use of digital mediums for marketing and promotions.


A- Our team explained all the current government initiated schemes and how to avail their benefits.

B- With our interactive videos we explained them how to stay updated with present customers’ demands and the requisite steps to fulfill them.

C- Our team has initiated to educate them the various digital tools available to reach valuable market.


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