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Handloom Silk Sarees

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Handloom silk sarees are the ethnic & traditional handwoven saree which uses special & unique textiles and techniques. The skilled artisans from the different corners of Odisha exhibit native art form through the yard of fabrics. An Odisha Handloom saree can be of many types, depending on the region it is produced in, the fabric used, the weave of the fabric, the designs on the fabric and the pallu designs are different. Odisha handloom sarees are Sambalpuri Silk or cotton saree(Bomkai saree, Pasapalli saree) of Sambalpur district, khandua cotton or khandua silk saree(maniabandh saree) of Cuttack district, Kotpad organic cotton saree of Koraput district, Pattachitra silk saree handpainted in Raghurajpr of Puri district, Soura painting saree handpainted by tribals of Odisha, Tussar silk saree,Bishnupuri Silk Saree,Linen Cut Work Saree, Cotton Silk Cut Work Saree, silk sarees for wedding etc.  So if you love everything about traditional fashion or let’s say you like to experiment with your style, then Odisha handloom saree is the best you have got.

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