Tribal Jewelry and The Rare Artistic Work Of Tribal People Behind It

Posted on May 11th, 2018 03:38 PM
Tribal Jewelry and The Rare Artistic Work Of Tribal People Behind It



It’s really amazing how a single rustic adornment can manifest a nation’s heritage, an individual’s social status and spiritual beliefs, symbolic communication, artistic dexterity, fashion trends and much more just in a glance. Yes! Emphatically it’s jewellery, especially tribal jewellery!
Tribal jewellery is handcrafted by indigenous tribal artisans who deftly apply archaic techniques and patterns to form exceptional, authentic and aesthetic ornaments showcasing their height of innovation and thoughtfulness involved. Such jewellery is very lucid but flamboyant enough to articulate volumes about our rich cultural heritage.

Tribal people make the best use of all natural materials available in their environment like stones, precious metals, animal bones, wood, shell, dry seeds etc and turn them to their advantage, thus, fabricating a wide range of jewellery. Antiquity and irregularities involved are not erroneous, rather they add to its charm and originality which is much different from those available in departmental stores in general. They often reflect people’s way of life and communicate messages regarding habits and religious beliefs of tribal communities.

The most fascinating fact is that these are not only cherished by women but also by men as tribal jewellery posses a magical art of embellishing various body parts, may it be neck, wrist, arms, waist, fingers or even ankle.
Behind such admirable tribal jewellery lie the arduous effort, efficiency and sincerity of people of tribal communities. They make endeavour to forge these enchanting pieces of jewellery with great passion. They are the real unsung heroes who need our encouragement and support for their survival. They are the ones to whom we should be thankful for preserving our ancient and glorious culture and traditions in the most productive and pristine form.
In the present scenario the demand for tribal jewellery is rising progressively and more and more platforms are being created for their promotion. Hopefully the skilled tribal artisans will soon get their much needed recognition both at national and international levels and will be duly rewarded for their priceless contribution to the art and culture of our nation.



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