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Top 10 list of our favourite women in Odisha handlooms

Posted on May 11th, 2018 03:42 PM
Top 10 list of our favourite women in Odisha handlooms

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Odisha is a land of many delightful treasures but our favourite amongst them is the gorgeous range of hand-woven fabrics produced here. The appeal of these fabrics is so magnificent that a lot of India’s most famous celebrities can be spotted every now & then sporting the finest of these Odishan handlooms, sometimes even giving them a stylish spin of their own.

Here is a Top 10 list of our favourite women in Odisha handlooms to give you some major inspiration!

1.    Tumhari Sulu in a stunning orange Ikkat Saree: 

Vidya Balan’s love affair with Indian handlooms needs no introduction. Here the amazing actress can be seen all elegantly decked up in a beautiful Ikkat Saree – a handloom fabric native to Odisha.

2.    Sona kitni soni hai .. in this beautiful Kotpad gown:

Homegirl Sona Mahapatra takes pride in where she comes from and has no qualms flaunting it whatsoever. She recently walked the ramp at the Amazon Fashion Week, dressed in an organic Kotpad gown, made by weavers Gobardhan and Gema from a rustic little town called Koraput in Odisha. More power to you, girl!

3.    Increasing the *Mahima* (.ie. fame) of Odisha handlooms:

Mahima Choudhary was supremely impressed by the variety in the nature of Sarees originating from Odisha. She went on a little shopping spree during her visit to the capital city, Bhubaneshwar and binge shopped indigenous Sambalpuri and Ikkat sarees!

4.  Whoever said handlooms were boring, clearly hasn’t met Radhika Apte!

Radhika Apte at the Lake Fashion Week, exuding a stylish charm in this ultra fashionable hand woven Ikkat dress in pretty pastels and cold cut shoulders

5.  Treading down the Silk Route, with Raima Sen:

Bengal’s sweetheart Raima Sen looks spectacular in this tussar silk saree made in hues of warm reds and maroons. Pairing it with a black blouse for the perfect contrast, Raima sure is making us all feel oh so silk. 

6.  Six Yards and 1 Day in a classic Sambalpuri Ikkat saree:

Budhiraja, founder of the immensely popular ‘SixYardsAnd365Days’ saree campaign on Facebook works the handloom trend in this wonderful Sambalpuri Ikkat Saree. 

7.  She weaves magic through her words and drapes herself in woven magic too!

Writer, artist and art curator, Alka Raghuvanshi flaunting her fine taste in handlooms through this unique blue and black Pasapalli saree from Odisha. Also known as Vichitrapuri sarees, Pasapalli sarees feature interesting chess board patterns on them.

8.  Usha Albuquerque: Sambalpuri Special:

One of India’s finest career counselors, Usha Albuquerque takes pride in wearing a classic off-white Sambalpuri saree which is quite evidently adding on to her fierce independence and subtle grace.

9. Former President of India draped in earthy Sambalpuri elegance

Shrimati Pratibha Patil personifying true woman power with her confidence draped around her in the form of a classic red and white Sambalpuri Saree. There is just something so special about wearing handlooms and India’s only female President seems to be in agreement with the same.

10. And our show stoppers: Like mother, like daughter!

Former Prime Minister of India, Shrimati Indira Gandhi was the very reason the undiscovered beauty of Sambalpuri Sarees came into the limelight. Her daughter-in-law, Sonia Gandhi and granddaughter, Shrimati Priyanka Gandhi seem to have followed her footsteps as you can see them carrying off a unique Sambalpuri and Kotpad sarees with amazing comfort!

You may have seen a lot of people obsess about the Odisha handloom scene lately and you can see for yourself why. Now is the time to turn your senses onto this fascinating handloom before the rest of the world catches on. Give broadening your clothing horizons a shot and start with Odisha handlooms because they are in every sense unique and absolutely gorgeous!


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