The Handicrafts Of India Take The E-Commerce Route To Fame

Posted on May 11th, 2018 02:59 PM
The Handicrafts Of India Take The E-Commerce Route To Fame



Sculpture in marble, bronze, wood, paintings, carpets, bamboo crafts, and embroidered sarees – name it and you will find it in India. Handicraftsare 100% unique and are labelled as ‘designer’ or ‘exclusive’ stuff because every region in every state of India has different cultural norms. Rajasthan for Jaipuri quilts, Gujarat for hand embroidery, Narsapur and Surat for laces, Punjab for phulkari, brass and silver work, appliqué work and terracotta handicrafts odisha are all masterpieces in their own right.

India has around 35 million artisans. The handicrafts export sector does business to the tune of around 3.5 billion dollars and employs over 70 lakh people either directly or indirectly.

Business started faltering when cheaper bulk manufactured goods flooded the markets from China. Competition was stiff and the best handicrafts too earned them a meagre income because they were forced to rely on brick and mortar stores and local fairs to sell their handicrafts.The market penetration was minimal even here. The middlemen swindled illiterate skilled artisans and pocketed huge commissions in the bargain.

The World Wide Web proved to be the saviour for the handicrafts industry. The skill, labour and passion of the artisans gained global recognition. Portals like quickly grasped the problems faced by the handicrafts shops of plugged all the loopholes in the system and started selling handicrafts online on a commission basis.
People around the globe just had to type the keywords handicrafts odisha to get a glimpse of all the handicrafts of that state on their screens.
The best handicrafts are immediately highlighted on their home page along with all the other details. A secure payment system ensures that the money is redirected to the right source.
Currently, the handicraft market in India is doubling every five years and contributes to 2% of the global market.

The Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) handles all the handicrafts export business in India.
The Vice Chairman of EPCH, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, clearly stated that ecommerce portals are the best way to create a stable market for the handicrafts of India.
Keeping in mind the tight global economy, he suggested that our handicrafts offer huge opportunities for exporters even in the domestic market.
The industry experts surveyed the markets and rightly concluded that global trade now relied more on selling handicrafts online through portals like
India has a large number of internet users and ecommerce portals are sure to put all our skilled labour intensive unique handicrafts on the global map.

The very approach and structure of business has changed as huge hidden untapped opportunities offered better business opportunities to the local artisans. The huge gap between those clusters of artisans who lived in unrecognized pockets of Indian states and the online and offline market was finally bridged by ecommerce websites.
Indian handicrafts now experienced a constantly rising demands from countries like the US, Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy etc.
The best handicrafts were sold online and created fashion statements, styles and trends around the entire world.

The sheer convenience of finding a rare piece of art on online portals brought about an increase in the demand for handicrafts.
The rise in demand created more job opportunities for the artisans.
The EPCH now expects the Indian government to take the right measures to boost the handicrafts business both domestically and globally.

The Council insists that skill development and quality control measures will generate more business for the artisans. He strongly recommended that these skills need to be imparted through institutions to create a lingering impact on the people around the world.


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