Standing Out From the Crowd ... A Classy Approach

Posted on May 11th, 2018 03:40 PM
Standing Out From the Crowd ... A Classy Approach

Standing Out From the Crowd …A Classy Approach


Standing Out From the Crowd ... A Classy Approach

It’s a struggle moving to a metropolis, especially when you belong to a small town and a state cornered in the East of the country. Assimilating with the culture is one tough task while proving your worth is another. Tbh, metro is an extremely hyped concept for me. There are girls here, and girls there, but a Delhiite is way too idealized, even if ordinary. The culture of a metropolitan city is a simple sifting of the outdated chaff from the moderately updated ones. It is more of a combination of uber-trendy aspects of different cultures, rather than a self-established institution. While some see it as eye-candy, I would be happier to believe that it’s the fragments of more sober systems that just did not find enough recognition, that make it supposedly perfect.

When I moved to Delhi to pursue my studies, it was hectic to keep up with the city’s undying pace as well as find a place for myself to be static. Quite an existential paradox to survive with. It was a shame that people could not rightly place Odisha on a map of India, since most of them firmly believed that it lay somewhere in the South, and my dusky complexion just served the right amount of backing to their inaccuracy. But while most of them denied being aware of the richness of Kalinga, the popularity of Sambalpuri sarees, applique lamps and tribal jewellery gave away. They had been preaching what they did not acknowledge. Odisha makes for a significant part of the fashion that has been keeping the capital city so trendy. If you have taken due notice, most elite socialites have largely been found draped in a Sambalpuri silk saree and some tribal jewellery to go, that seems an easier way to reflect class and sophisticated sense of style.

It’s a shame how most of the younger generation in the State have been drifting away from a culture so widely inspiring. But if you still find yourself obnoxiously charmed by the rich ethnicity that the Odia shrines carry, you have a place to visit.

Classystreet is a self-volunteered organization that works for the promotion and sale of Odisha-based handicrafts and handlooms. The aim is a rather conscious development of Odia culture on a large platform, and penetrating commercial markets as scions of Odisha’s rich culture and resourcefulness. Besides, we aim to make the rural labour force behind such artistic range of products to gain the recognition and commercial value they rightfully deserve.

Explore the beauty of Odisha.

Be classy with Classystreet!

Written By: Anwesha Padhi



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