Reincarnation of Handloom Saree Online

Posted on May 11th, 2018 03:15 PM
Reincarnation of Handloom Saree Online



We have heard ample stories on reincarnation since our childhood days and savoured numerous movies where the protagonist reincarnates to take revenge! But we have never been able to comprehend this puzzle in our real life. Isn’t it?

So let us now envision the true story on the rebirth of Indian handloom sarees. Since the time of great civilizations people started weaving by interlacing yarns of silk, cotton, and wool to fabricate handloom fabrics. It continued with good pace until the advent of the industrial revolution which altered the world of handloom. Due to increase in the use of machines and improved technologies the productivity of textile industry increased at an alarming rate, thereby, decreasing the demand for handloom products. But the essence and magnificence that handloom works create can be replaced by none other.

Gradually, with all its facets of strength, comfort and glory, handloom vigorously crept up all stairs of hurdle to reach the pinnacle of today’s textile market. This is quite evident from the fact that all handloom attires, especially handloom sarees, are now available in plenty to be purchased online and customers are ready to pay for them a higher price in comparison to their counterparts due the high stature, quality and repute that luxury handloom sarees impart.

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After arriving on the online platforms, handloom has regained its lost recognition and more and more people have started showing their interest in handloom products being able to know more regarding them.

Handloom sarees are categorized into sambalpuri ikkat saree, tussar silk saree, khandua saree, pattachitra saree and other handloom apparels include sambalpuri kurti, dupattas and stoles, sambalpuri kurta and khadi linen shirts for men. Handloom industry doesn’t limit itself to apparels; it also helps in manufacture of other products like bed-sheets, curtains, cushion covers, doormats, handbags and much more. All these contemporary articles of recent trend have further catalyzed the growth of handloom industry due to their ever-increasing demand.
So reincarnations do really occur! Right?



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