The Story Behind Pattachitra Work

Posted on May 11th, 2018 03:31 PM
The Story Behind Pattachitra Work



Stories are love.

Paintings are love.

Fashion is love.

The combination ought to be passion in the purest form. A perfect balance struck between normal can achieve something so extraordinary. Fabricating the odds of three distinct aspects of time and life, can give birth to a commendable range of products at our disposal. The equation here is quite simple. It represents an idea of narrative drawings fused with routine clothes, to derive an ideal style, different and distinct. But how do you get something so unique, even in its ideation? The answer is right here.

The state of Odisha, known to many for the rich culture it has inherited since ages, has time and again shown the essence of its roots in its present. While the state is fiddling along with the concept of westernisation, traditional art and artisans still hold a substantia position in enhancing the richness of the Odia society. Pattachitra stands exemplary to it. It is a traditional, cloth-based scroll painting of Odisha. The backdrop of such paintings are rooted in mythology, largely inspired by Lord Jagannath and the Vaishnava sect. Being one of the oldest and most popular art forms of the state, it depicts old murals and wholesome mythological stories dated back as far as the 5th century. While the canvas adored with such paintings redefine the crux of beauty itself, hand woven silk sarees with the royalty of Pattachitra, quintessentially adds up to its class and sophistication. Not all clothes have the privilege to carry with them the extravagance of royalty. However, pattachitra sarees not only add to your elegance, but also helps you carry your cultural values with grace. It stands for the idea of reflecting class and dignity through simplicity.

At, we offer you the chance to flaunt your beauty, along with a tinge of ethnicity at the most promising prices. We believe in evolving as true patrons of cultural heritage, while serving our customers with the luxury of quality shopping. Come, shop with us.

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