Grandeour of Applique Work

Posted on May 11th, 2018 02:57 PM
Grandeour of Applique Work

The grandeur of applique work can be at your disposal with just one click ……



The essence of anything and everything beautiful lies in the beholder’s eye, they say. Perceptions are basically the prodigy of one’s sight. But how do you caress the sight of beauty in darkness? How do you look at the colors of the world with black all around? How does a blind eye nature? Simply speaking, light is the quintessence of human life. Light is not just important for us to see the world but also to reflect the colors of nature and the various aspects of beauty time and again. There are also times when light, itself is the origin of visual pleasure.

The two ends of beauty are nature and human inventions. Nature has since forever been considered as the primary source of beauty in its most alluring forms. However, man’s creations are no less than those of the Almighty. The artistic skills of human civilization have been deriving umpteen means f preserving beauty in the form of art and crafts. Though technological progress has made most of these creations mechanical in the present decade, traditional patrons of art still preach handmade crafts. That is, handicrafts and handlooms dating back to ancient India, still have a major hold over art and craft, not just commercially but also on an emotional level.

Numerous experiments are carried out to combine the two major sources of beauty and create something beyond excellence. However, the usage of light in various creations has so far been the most celebrated combination.

The applique work of Odisha’s Pipli has gained worldwide prominence in this form of art. Lamps made of applique work, have not just been popular in the country but also overseas. Such work also comes in the form of wall hangings, bedsheets, cushion covers, etc. The lamps, however find a place in almost every Indian household. Though originally a foreign art form, applique work is regarded as a timeless prodigy of Indian culture. The sewing mostly depicts mythological stories, ancient beliefs, and traditions.

The grandeur of such applique work can be at your disposal with just one click. Classystreet is a platform for all art-lovers and patrons of beauty. We believe in delivering to our customers the best form of their desires in all reasonability. We strive for quality products and achieve it by being in constant touch with applique workers from the remote areas of the state. At Classystreet, we aim to not only flaunt attractive product lines, but also work toward a larger endorsement of culture and traditions.

So, let no reason stop you. Hop on the ride with us.

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