connects the dots to transform the positive energy of the artists of Odisha!

Posted on October 8th, 2022 02:35 PM

My world is very different from your world. Yet we all live harmoniously in a common world called ‘our world’. Books, movies, dramatic plays can transport us to a completely different world of imagination. Then we have our domestic family world and a completely different professional world. Some people mean the world to us and we mean the world to some person who loves us beyond measure. And we also have a real-world and a virtual world which holds the promise of a million other worlds within it.

Juggling our priorities through these myriad worlds, we continue to find meaning in the only known present life that we currently exist in. Often frustration, desperation, and copious tears are a part of our world. A single ray of hope descends into our world in the form of a sister’s or brother’s call, or a mother’s or father’s sage advice or a friend’s message over WhatsApp. And we get the positive energy to glide past another challenging day in our own personal world.

Perhaps we too emit positive rays of hope in someone’s life and the world through our kind words, gestures and deeds. We may choose not to focus on such things because we are happy that we lit up someone’s world with our positive energy even if it was only for a brief while.

The only realization from all this reflective thinking is that we all lead highly interconnected lives where there is always a constant flow of universal energy from one world to another.

The sun – the radiant glorious ball of light….. fills up our physical real world with so much positive energy every single day of our lives – unfailingly incessantly silently unquestioningly. We express our gratitude to the Sun god who sustains this entire world. He is the father figure of our lives – and we his children bask in his glory. He sustains us and looks after us and we honor him and respect him for taking care of our most basic needs.

Yet a father is lost without his children. A father can never be a father without his children. And children simply cannot exist without a father.

What then is the role of a mother in our lives? More on this later…....

Add to this is the fact that there are so many different planets in this universe and some planets have several suns or no suns at all….and we begin to see the universal big picture unfolding in our minds and hearts.

Perhaps for the weavers and artisans of Odisha, an e-commerce portal like is a big radiant ray of hope in their lives. One such portal like has the enormous potential of illuminating several lives and turning them around forever. We, the people who are working on can feel the palpitating flow of positive energy with every order that we garner. We, at, use the virtual world to light up the real worlds of the tribal folks of eastern India with radiant smiles.

But, we at also acknowledge the fact that we lead highly interconnected lives. This eCommerce portal called cannot exist without the total unstinting unquestioning support of these skilled weavers and artisans of Odisha. We are here only because of them. And perhaps they are where they are today only due to our technical expertise. But then of what use would all our technical skills be ……..without their weaving and artistic skills and their wondrous handicraft items……we would be lost or perhaps we would have connected with an entirely different world.

Add to this is the fact that the world of weavers and artisans along with the technical skills of the world can exist in harmony only if we synchronize our worlds with the world of our clients and customers.

The energy has to be positive –that is for sure. And the energy always has to flow from one direction to another. From the weavers’ world through our world to our clients’ world. And then the client will transform and transfer the energy of positive vibrations through the clothes that these weavers and artists of Odisha craft specifically for him.

And when our clients and customers recognize and tune into this synchronized energy of all the three worlds – they will channelize it back by placing more orders on which in turn will transfer the positive energy back to the weavers.

The looms beckon. The strands of yarn are pulsating with positive energy. The spiritual metallic crafts are palpitating with lustrous energy and the applique-made lanterns are throbbing with brilliant energy. The Ikkat sarees, the sambalpuri sarees, and the tussar silk sarees and Kurtis and bedspreads are all singing their own unique stories and yet they all throb in perfect synchronization and this is what riveted and harnessed and sustained the interest of the team. The energy – the positive energy of the weavers and their crafts had reached and peaked to a new threshold. The energy had to flow in another direction.

And was crafted with this energy – that was radiating through these art forms are crafted by maestros.

When the positive energy of reaches its threshold, it will flow into several homes and offices all around the world creating smiles and happiness and pleasure and lingering memories along the way.

Our weavers and artists do their best within their world of art and skills and talent. We, at, do our best within our technical world. Now the onus of transferring and transmitting the positive energy lies with all of you – our dear readers and clients and customers…… let us know how our traditional weaves and crafts and paintings and jewelry created an impact on your day or your life or in your world.

For all said and done, we all do belong to a common world called ‘our world’ where all of us lead highly interconnected lives.

Let the positive energy flow…….let we light up lives with smiles…..let us all work together in perfect harmony to illuminate the lives of our handloom weavers and artists and craftsmen.

They exist perhaps because of us – we exist perhaps because of them – just like a father cannot be a father without his children and a child cannot exist without a father.

But a father and a child cannot exist without a mother and a mother’s tender love…….

If our weavers are our children – we the folks of are maybe their father.

If the folks of are the children of these skilled weavers and artists – then these tribal people collectively play the role of our father.

It does not matter who the father of the child is – both of us need the love of a mother now……….and both of us feel all our clients and customers can make this positive the energy of love flow if you breathe in the loving, life-giving, and nurturing love of mother into our lives!

Over to you now………