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The word ‘Exclusive’ is the modern fashion mantra. Each one of us is a unique human being. Why then would we want to stuff that is ready to wear? Yes, readymade garments are a great convenience. We like the colour combination. The texture appeals to us. The design is cool and the price tag suits our budget. We can buy it today and wear it tomorrow. As simple as that.

But hold on – we also want to celebrate our uniqueness. We want to mix and match and create our own wardrobe.

Techno savvy young women secretly but with great trepidation explored ecommerce fashion clothing portals to source exclusive products. These young women were busy working professionals. They had no time for elaborate shopping expeditions in the local markets. Within five years the fashion trends of ecommerce clothing portals became stale.The ‘exclusive’ tag was missing. Women who had time created their own garments by visiting the local markets to buy the material and then got them designed by decent dress designers.

But there was a constant demand for something new. The trends were shifting slowly. Organic and eco-friendly garments were preferred. Motifs and designs that displayed Indian heritage and culture were worn with pride. The sheer breathability of hand woven fabrics was recognized and given a global stature. Mill made? Machine made? Oh – so boring!! Give me something that makes a statement of its own. Give me something with a personality. Give me something that defines me. Give me something that is charming. Give me some history. Give me some geography.
A New World

Time now for a portal like to make a quiet loud statement.Pattachitra sarees, tribal jewellery, applique work handicrafts, clothes made from hand woven khadi material, tussar silk sarees, Sambalpuri sarees…..just name it to find it.
And here is the classic touch –often we end up forgetting what we wanted to buy in the first place because we are caught unawares by the sheer uniqueness of their collection.
Aha…….wait a second……no more…..
This is no classic sales pitch to promote an online portal like
We at does not simply sell garments – it portrays and projects the heart, the soul, the handiwork and skills of the women who work around the clock to craft these garments with love and passion and toil and sweat. will give you a virtual trip down the lanes and by lanes of some remote village of Odisha so that you can meet a grand old lady called Parbati or Sangeeta who has years and years of experience in crafting these unique handmade sarees.
Parbati and Sangeeta are smart enough to mould their products to cater to the demands of urban women like us – thanks again to the efforts of people who work on portals like
So, dear urban woman – when we wear a classic Sambalpuri saree or a Kurti with Pattachitra work on it – we are not wearing ‘exclusive’ or ‘branded’ clothes – we are wearing the skills, the labour, the history, the culture, the traditions and the passion of women like Sangeeta or Parbati. is not just another ecommerce portal. Most surely not.It is our vision to create sustainable employment for more and more of these highly skilled women craftsmen.
We showcase the talent of these rural women on their web page so that we urbanites can get a glimpse of their lives even as we lounge on our sofas. We understand the nuances, moods, fashion trends and the needs of the modern busy urban women. also understands that urban women have a great deal of respect for their rural counterparts who are highly skilled craftsmen with a specialized skill set. welcomes all kinds of inputs. Our team convey the message to women like Sangeeta and Parbati who will then mould their products to suit our requirements.

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When we buy a product on a portal like – the benefit is passed on directly to these women.
When these women get a steady stream of orders from urbanites like us – they are able to earn a decent income with their specialized skills.They can upgrade the quality of their looms, redesign their patterns and motifs and experiment with newer variations of their craft.
All we need to do is browse through the stunning collection on our smartphones or laptops and place an order. The end result is a beautiful touching smile on the clear face of a lovely dark damsel called Parbati or Sangeeta.
No……… does not believe in creating a single big bridge that connects urbanites and rural women craftsmen. has a bigger, clearer and cleaner picture which is embedded in its heart and soul……….
It believes in creating a zillion bridges everyday……… bridge that connects the soul of one Brinda – an urbanite – to the passion of one Sangeeta – a proud ruralite. believes that it can create several such bridges that connect all the urbanites with all the ruralites and bring them together.
Come ………dear urbanite women………..let us together transform the lives of our rural counterparts.



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