25 Super special Gifting ideas from Odisha for Christmas

Posted on May 11th, 2018 01:50 PM
25 Super special Gifting ideas from Odisha for Christmas

With the delightful festivities of Christmas right around the corner, it is the season to be jolly, excited and to share a lot of love and warmth with your closest peeps. One of the best things about the holiday season is, of course, the fact that it is also the shopping season. Shopping for the best Christmas presents for everyone on your list and for yourselves! We understand the truckloads of thought and effort that goes into picking gifts for your family and friends. To make your life easier and give you plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy the “Santa-mental” atmosphere, here is our little Christmas present for all you lovely readers. If you are looking for the best gifts on this side of Santa’s grotto, you have
found your own treasure trove. Here is a list of 25 one-offs, inspired gifting ideas that are sure to make your loved ones as happy as they can be. And what’s more? These gifts will put big smiles onto not just your loved ones’ faces, but also on the faces of the many artisanal communities who
craft these products to perfection with immense care. :)

1. Tribal Jewellery for the special woman in your life
We all have that one woman in our lives, be it our mother, wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend or best friend whose happiness is our happiness. Make that special woman feel extra special this Christmas. Gift her a beautiful piece of statement accessory - neckpieces, earrings, bracelets, etc 1 - crafted by different tribal communities across Odisha.
2. Hand made Flower Vase for the ultimate flower lover
Add some “handcrafted” freshness to the home of the ultimate flower lover in your life. Gift her/him a unique hand-painted wooden vase2 to add to the beauty of their home.
3. Special Stationery Items for the studious boy or girl in your life
Have a quintessential bookworm in your life? The topper of the class, the brightest one in the family? Make their sacrosanct study space better by gifting them beautifully hand-painted paperweights and interesting pen stands that we are sure they will love!
4. Musician Clock Stand for your rockstar
For someone who loses all track of time, consumed in the musical glory of their guitar, drums, piano or sitar - the perfect clock stand that will be a true reflection of their passion.
5. Exclusive Jewellery Boxes for the woman who loves all that glitters
Take it from someone who knows, a woman who loves her jewelry will appreciate this gift more than anything else. To add a hint of muted glamour to that woman’s life, gift her an exclusively handcrafted jewellery box where she can store her precious pearls, this Christmas!
6. Chic and stylish Magazine Holders for the ultimate diva
Have a sister/niece/wife or daughter who does not miss out on a single copy of Vogue? This stylish magazine holder featuring tribal art is sure to be an inspired addition to their gorgeous room!
7. Elegant Bedsheets, Cushion Covers and Diwan Sets for someone who loves dressing up their home
Is there someone on your list who just loves decorating the space that is their home? Help them make a style statement not just when they walk out, but also when others step in to their homes by gifting them a little something from our array or premium quality bedding products.
8. Stunningly embroidered Wall Hangings to add a touch of elegance to someone’s beautiful home
Has someone on your list just moved into a new house? Or is someone on your list an ardent lover of wall decor? Check out our range of unique individual wall hangings and wall hanging sets to choose the best one for that lovely person and add to the beauty of their homes!
9. Unique Desk Organizer Items for the neat freak you know and love
Anybody can appreciate the gift of organized workspace. But for someone who cannot do without it, our smart folders and file covers featuring unique tribal art, Odisha’s famous Pattachitra art, and Odisha’s Dhokra craft motifs are the best gifts there can be.
10. Jute Tote Bags for the stylish teenager in your life
Help your favorite girl be one step ahead of the rest and turn in heads as she walks into class with one of these ultra-stylish jute tote bags featuring Soura Tribal paintings. Give her chic look an edgy makeover this Christmas!
11. Designer Ikat Bags - a must-have for the big bag lover you know
Truly multipurpose, these designer Ikat bags come in varieties of laptop bags, office bags, college, and shopping bags, too! So this Christmas, gift a “bagful” of joy to someone who adores bags.
12. Applique Handwork Bags for someone who just needs a reason to dress up in ethnic wear
Indian weddings, festivals and other functions call for dressing up our best, don’t they? If someone on your Christmas gift list this season is voraciously on the hunt for occasions to dress up on, gift them a pretty little handbag featuring intricate appliqué handwork, native to the Pipili village of Odisha, which they can flaunt at the next party they attend!
13. Rare Coconut Hanging Home Decor for the most eccentric person on your gift list
We all have that one person in our lives who loves all things quirky. Well, can it get quirkier than an aesthetic coconut as the perfect item for home decor? We don’t think so. Gift these unique coconut hangings to someone to make their living space looks cooler.
14. Exquisite Dhokra Home Decor for a fan of sculpted crafts
From beautifully sculpted Adivasi sets to animal figurines to spiritual motifs to modern-looking pen stands, Dhokra brass work has it all and is beautiful and intricate - perfect for a lover of sculpted goodies.
15. Applique Handwork Pouches/Wallets for a lady who makes your life easier
These handheld carry-all pouches are small enough to slip in her everyday work bag but big enough to safely store all her essentials. Gift one of these pouches featuring the rare appliqué craft from Pipili and make it uniquely hers.
16. Hand-sewn Applique Chanduas from Pipili to beautify someone’s home/office spaces
Available in rectangular and round shapes, these applique work changes are to absolutely die for! Gift them to someone special to add a rustic charm to their home or office spaces.
17. Palm Leaf Lamps and Lanterns to spread love and light into someone’s life
In a room full of fairy lights and sky lanterns, stand out and be the palm leaf lamp, haha! Gift someone the chance to adorn their beautiful gardens or living rooms with these gorgeous palm leaf lamps and lanterns for a cozy and ambient Christmas eve!
18. Palm Leaf Boxes to make your sister’s dressing table look more impressive
Available in different shapes such as heart, circle and square, these little palm leaf boxes in earthy colours look extremely pretty placed at a dressing table with tiny trinkets kept safely inside.
19. Wooden Home Decor and Utilities to gift to the simplest person on your gift list
Know a person who likes to keep it simple and serene? We have the perfect range of gifts to delight them with. Check out our array of exclusive handmade wooden craft items such as decorative pots, pen stands, jewellery boxes, wall hangings and decorative lamps, to choose the best for the simplest!
20. Tribal Wall Paintings for the ultimate art lover
Gift these supremely beautiful pieces of art emerging from the Soura and Gond tribal communities of Odisha to someone who talks, reads and thinks all things art.
21. Palm Leaf Engravings - Pattachitra Wall Art to add to your favorite golden oldie’s spiritual bliss
Gift the highly renowned and auspicious “Raas-Leela” Pattachitra painted on a palm leaf, or choose from a wide variety of other depictions to the cutest people on your gift list - your grandparents. We know for a fact that they would cherish it eternally!
22. Brightly Coloured Tribal Painted Ceramic Plates for somebody with a crockery fetish
These delicate ceramic plates featuring super interesting tribal art, available in a wide range of modish bright colours are going to be a valued addition to any crockery lover’s collection. And you can always expect some delicious home-cooked goodness in return for the same. Its a win-win!
23. Tribal Painted Tea Cup Sets and Coffee Mugs for someone who cannot start their day without a steaming cup of chai or coffee
Some people are all about their cutting chai and we some as we know are caffeine dependent life forms. But no matter their beverage preferences, these cups/mugs featuring tribal art are going to make the person on your list extremely excited.
24. Lesser known but truly worthy Bamboo Crafts as an element of surprise for somebody
Equally gift-able for elders and kids, our range of bamboo crafts includes decorative bamboo lamps, teddy baskets, jewelry boxes and more! Check these out now and select the best for the person in your mind.
25. Classic Wood Carved Sculptures as a charm of luck for your favorite person
Shower your favorite person on the gift list with spirituality and the choicest of blessings by gifting them beautiful wood carved sculptures of Odisha’s Lord Jagannath and other deities. Be their four-leaf clover this Christmas. With that SWEEPING, almost encyclopaedic list of Christmas gifting ideas,
fulfil your loved ones Christmas wish lists and be their Secret Santa. A very merry Christmas from all of us here at Classystreet. Let the celebrations begin!


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