11 Handmade Artifacts that will Leave You Dumbfounded

Posted on November 6th, 2019 03:00 PM
11 Handmade Artifacts that will Leave You Dumbfounded



1.Brass and bell metal craft
These crafts involve works of marvel with intricate designs used to furnish metallic vessels, flower vases, tumblers, lamps and diyas, idols, etc. Brass and bell metal crafts add to the elegance of the artefacts. They possess an amazing feature to decorate anywhere it is positioned.

2.Dhokra art
Dhokra is one of the most well-known ancient artefacts with creative motifs. It is a legendary art of Indian origin which is popular for its simplicity and authentic appeal. Entirely following a handmade procedure, it combines very fine and accurate work of skilful artisans. Dhokra contributes to the rare but unique handmade collectibles.

3.Appliqué work
Applique work primarily involves a separate piece of design applied on any other material in order to decorate the item or fabric. The handmade design is sewed or pasted and beautifully embroidered to bestow a pinch of grace and refinement.

4.Stone carving
Carving a magnificent structure out of a stone seems to be a miracle to layman’s eyes but the efficient sculptors behind such craft works need to be revered. They make this possible by their expertise and hard work. Stone carvings furnish a tincture of divine and pristine look that keep their demand all time high.
5.Wood carving
Wood carving is also a handmade art-form that gathers huge appreciation by its simple aesthetic appearance. They usually represent the specialities and concepts of the place of origin of the responsible craftsmen behind these handmade artefacts in a very precise manner.

6.Horn works
The vibrant articles of horn work provide a great visual appeal to the beholders. Dexterous artisans deftly shape the horn of cattle into pieces of marvel that can create ripples of amusement in the minds of many. The handmade figurines sculptured out of horn appear too lively to be stared at.

7.Palm leaf engraving
Palm leaf engraving is an ethnic art form of India since ancient times. They capture religious themes of mythology and concepts of nature painted with vegetable colours. It’s a wonderful way of preserving our ancient culture in an innovative way.

8.Papier mache
It is a remarkable handmade charisma of blend of paper, adhesives and water in an innovative way. This leads to creation of startling artefacts that include abstract articles, idols, vases, piggy banks, pots, boxes, photo frames and much more. These handmade products are strong enough to resist any sort of damage.
They portray simple themes, mostly mythological in depiction. A wide variety of artefacts and apparels are manufactured and ornamented by exquisite and graceful
pattachitra painting works. Such pattachitra works provide an enchanting, serene and magnificent visual appeal.

10.Silver filigree
Silver filigree is the work of preparing handmade jewellery by soldering silver threads and beads in an unconventional way creating amazing pieces of ornaments that go well with all sorts of apparels may it be traditional or modern.

11.Bamboo craft
Baskets, furniture, wall hangings, hand fans, mats and think of any such things possible and they can be fabricated using bamboo. Bamboo crafts are designed with adroitness possessing both strength and beauty in an equal ratio.



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